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Module Exchange/Programming

When replacing a control module on modern vehicles they need more and more specific work like Coding, Programming an activation to start working on your car 


Full Diagnosis Support

When diagnosing a problem on your connected car we will use every tool in our disposal, when hands on measurement are necessary we wil supply you with the relevant data.

Extensief diagnostic skills are required 


Service Resets 

The service reset after doing maintenance is more and more difficult. For instance the Fiat FCA cars needs a dealer connection, we can support you with that  


Resets/Programming after Collision Repair

When repairing collision damages on modern vehicles most parts need to be reset or need coding. Like Radars, Airbag and Engine ecu's or even Seatbelts


Key Programming

Key programming is one of the most requested jobs.

We have several specialist tools, OEM tools and contacts to help you and your customer


Adding Parts like a Tow-Bar

When adding parts to a car it's more and more mandatory to tell the car what retrofit it's recieven 

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