This is what you need

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1. Plug-in
2. Select JOB
3. Connect

Locatie the OBDII connector in the vehicle and connect the Remote Diagnostic Interface

Select the vehicle and the job required, NEXT launch the Remote service.


Logon to the cloud based user interface when using the J-REX hardware.

Our diagnostic technicians will now execute the JOB requested in real time.

With the integrated cloud Chat function our technicians communicate in real time with you mechanic

J-REX WiFi interface


With this new WiFi remote you no longer need a tablet because the complete communication takes place using a website.


  • Connection via your WiFi network

  • Create tickets via any device within your network (PC, tablet or telephone)

  • Also no Subscription costs

  • No more empty tablet battery



The new J-Rex interface with 15m LAN cable and WiFi for only € 799, =

(excluding VAT and shipping)

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